Established 1995 - Huntersville, North Carolina

John and Janet Marek established their suburban homestead on a half-acre lot in the Wynfield Creek neighborhood in 1995, and have continued their pursuit of a simple, authentic life there ever since. In 2014, John became a certified Square Foot Gardening instructor and frequently offers talks and demonstrations on the subject. At the homestead, he maintains a potager (kitchen garden) of Square Foot beds which produce bountiful crops of lettuce, carrots, beans, squash, tomatoes, strawberries, spinach, radishes and kale.


Farmers Markets: Heirloom Produce from Our Garden to Your Table

The Mareks also plant a larger market garden on a plot near the homestead from which they offer "Heirloom Produce from Our Garden to Your Table" at local farmers' markets. See the EVENTS page for a listing of locations, dates and times. The Mareks are committed to growing authentic, healthy food in a sustainable, safe and eco-friendly way. All their produce is grown naturally from non-GMO seeds without chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. 


Handcrafted Items Inspired By The North Carolina Outdoors

The Mareks occasionally offer handcrafted items from the homestead at local farmers' markets. These items may include fishing lures, leather goods, woodcraft, fashion jewelry or metalcraft. 

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